We are a small but dedicated group of people, committed to making jokes about everything we possibly can, on a semi-predictable basis.

Mary Tennis

Art, Cuisine, Parenting, Music, & History Expert

Mary Tennis has been an artist and writer in Duluth, Minnesota more than 20 years. Most of the funniest things she’s ever said have been under her breath, so only her sister could hear. When she’s not shivering in a basement with her sister, recording her thoughts on modern culture, dumb childhood ideas, or good ways to smoke fish, she’s spending time writing cookbooks, and managing a 100-year-old train depot.

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Ian “The Body” Vincent

Token Millennial

Ian Vincent is a gentleman and a scholar, and wants to show you his tattoos. A regional economic development expert by day, he is methodically saving the world and destroying his cochlea by night, playing in a series of righteous punk rock bands. He is known for his profound appreciation for snack foods, and his inherent willingness to go with a hippie to a second location.

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Anna Tennis

Other Sister/Basement Owner

Anna Tennis is a writer, voracious sci-fi fan, and reluctant host of near-paralyzing empathy, useless superpowers, and partial (9% accurate) psychic ability. She likes long stories and warm sweaters, but not long stories about warm sweaters.

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